The 2nd. Cantus Ensemble’s Music Project 05 May 2017
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The 3rd. Cantus Ensemble Music Project 02 December 2017 - 20:00

Roudaki Hall

In this Program we focused on young Iranian Composeres.
Most of the pieces were world premiere by us.

1."Self Portrait" Violin Sonata - Soloist: Arash Asadnezhad , Composer: Kaveh Mirhosseini
2."Dome(Gonbad)" Piece for Violoncello - Soloist: Arsalan Alizadeh , Composer: Armin Sanayei
3."Metemorphosis" for Piano Solo - Soloist: Kamyab Behroudi , Composer: Kaveh Mirhosseini
4."Ascension" Duet for Violin & Piano - Soloist:Alireza Chehreghani , Piano: Kamyab Behroudi , Composer: Kaveh Mirhosseini
5."Sound of the Music" for Viola solo & Strings - Soloist: Daniel Jourabchi , Conductor: Kaveh Mirhosseini Composer: Nader Mashayekhi
6."Echopraxia" for Strings - Conductor: Kaveh Mirhosseini Composer: Arshia Samsaminia
7."Zang-e-Rangi" for Organ solo & Strings - Soloist: Kamyab Behroudi , Conductor: Kaveh Mirhosseini Composer: Soosan Lolavar