Kaveh Mirhosseini


Kaveh Mirhosseini "کاوه میرحسینی" is Composer , Percussionist , Artistic Director & Conductor at Cantus Ensemble and also founder of Middle East Composers Association (MECA). He was born in Iran-Tehran in an art-based family.

His mother’s advice (Prof.Shahla Milani, Opera Singer & Choir Conductor), he has learned music in a strict musical atmosphere. He became familiar with the deceased Master, Hamed Mohajer, and learned musical knowledge from him. Then he became familiar with Keyvan Mirhadi, and this is regarded a starting point for becoming acquainted with Contemporary Music, History of Art and History of Music. He also passed Musical Composition courses before Hooshyar Khayam and Maestro Mohammadreza Darvishi.

He entered the University of Art & Architecture by choosing the musical instrument of Contrabass and Composition , and enjoyed the suggestions made by the deceased master Alireza Khorshidfar. By choosing SETAR (a Persian Instrument), he became familiar with Persian Music before Master Massoud Shaari, and passed Iranian Musical RADIFs. He has also passed various musical courses before other honorable and respectable masters. He also passed Conducting Master Class before Nassir Heidarian-Rasty and Damiano Giuranna. and Master Class of Musical Composition before Professor Manolis Vlitakis and Musical Composition Workshop before Professor Elena Mendoza in Berlin UDK.

By forming Cantus Ensemble, Kaveh Mirhosseini brought the Contemporary Music Repertoire on scenes.

Works,Performances & Activities:

Mirhosseini Conducted :

1.Solfeggio by Arvo Pärt

2.Fratres by Arvo Pärt

3.Amen by Henryk Mikołaj Góreck

4.Einstein on the Beach(full Opera) by Philip Glass

5.Plane Scapes by Peteris Vasks

6.Dona Nobis Pacem by Peteris Vasks

7.Concerto Violin No.2 by Philip Glass (Soloist: Arash Asadnezhad)

8.“illumination” Concerto for Violoncello (Soloist : Gökce-Bahar Oytun from Turkey)

9.Sound of the Music a piece for Viola & Strings , Soloist : Daniel Jourabchi

10.Echopraxia : a piece String Nonet by Arshia Samsaminia

11.Zang-e-Rangi : Concertino for Organom & Strings by Soosan Lolavar , Soloist : Kamyab Behroudi

12.for those by Mehran Rouhani , Conductor : Kaveh Mirhosseini

13.“Zand” a piece for Qanun & String Ensemble by Reza Vali , Soloist : Mozhgan Hosseini

14."Mizak" by Mohammad-Reza Darvishi

15.Lost of Truth by Mohammad-Reza Darvishi

16."Allah-May Khani" from "Tarabnameh" Collection Piece for Body Percussion & Strings by Kaveh Mirhosseini

Mirhosseini Composed:

1.Tehran : a Piece for Percussion Ensemble & Piano (2012)

2.Elegy : a Piece for Guitar Solo (2014)

3.Winds & "Zar"s : a Piece for Tuba Solo (2014)

4.The Bull : Piano Sonata (Dec.2014)

5.Mysticism : String Quartet No.1 (Dec.2014)

6.Wooden Whirligig (Music Film) : Duet for Cello & Piano (May.2015)

7.Holy Passion : Trio Piano (Oct.2015)

8.Fancy Plated : a Piece for Contrabass Solo , Persian Choir , Percussion (Nov.2015)

9.Self Portrait : Violin Sonata (Nov.2015)

10.The third Script : 1st. version for String Orchestra Piano and Percussion , 2nd version for Violin solo and String Orchestra (Dec.2015)

11.Metamorphosis : for Piano Solo (Feb.2016)

12.Melancholic Nostalgia : for Choir and Tape (March 2016)

13.Canyon : for Saxophone Quartet (Oct.2016)

14."illumination" : Concerto for String Orchestra and Tape (Dec.2016)

15.Canyon : Duet for Bassoon and Tape (March 2017)

16.Ascension : Duet for Violin and Piano (Sep. 2017)

17.Tarabnameh : Fantasy for String Orchestra (June.2018)

18.Songs for Cello : 10 Pieces for Cello Octet (March. 2019)

19.Revelation : Duet for Violin and Violoncello (Apr.2019)

20.Mourners : String Quartet No.2 (Sep.2019)