Middle East Composers Association


MECA’s project started privately by Kaveh Mirhosseini (Artistic Director based in Tehran-Iran) under title of Middle East Composers Association which include composers from Middle East and West Asian Countries. for the first step of our cooperation it's our pleasure to premier the pieces of the composers from this Region and as always Art and Music can make stronger solidarity between the people , we hope the MECA project can affect on this deep solidarity. "Peace for humanity" always be Cantus Ensemble's slogan and we are trying to accomplishment it.


1. The MECA’s project is pleased to announce a call for score for the “MECA 2020” , a competition for all ages composers from Middle East and West Asian Countries.
2. ”Instrumantion” : this project is only for a Duet for Violin (or Viola) & Violoncello in maximum duration of 10 minutes and pieces must written only for MECA and not performed before or any recording & etc.
3. All entries must be received no later than March 15, 2020.


* 1st. Class – Medal,Cup and 1st Prize diploma
* 2nd. Class – Medal and 2nd Prize diploma
* 3rd. Class – Medal and 3rd Prize diploma
1. performance of the selected compositions in Tehran-Iran and Istanbul/Izmir-Turkey
2. Live Audio Recording
3. the composition added to repertoire for future performances of Cantus Ensemble
4. publish the selected works (as an Album CD format and all Platforms)
5. commission to the selected composers for the next MECA’s Projects.


Submissions do not need to be anonymous but please write on the "Title page" and "First page" of the score: “written for the 1st.MECA’s Project - commissioned by Cantus Ensemble ” and please send it to [email protected]
1.Score in PDF format
2. MP3 or link to a live or midi recording (if available)
3. Contact Info
4. Date of birth (for general statistics, will not be published, will not affect the selection process)
5. Short Bio, Program Notes and Motivation for MECA.

Entry fee:

there is no Entry fee

Contact us:

Email: [email protected]
website: www.cantusensemble.com